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Neuroscience Homepage  > Faculty List > Georgopoulos

Apostolos P. Georgopoulos, M.D., Ph.D.
Regents Professor of Neuroscience
McKnight Presidential Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience
American Legion Brain Sciences Chair
Professor of Neuroscience, Neurology, and Psychiatry
Director, Center for Cognitive Sciences

Brain Mechanisms of Movement and Cognition; Functional Brain Biomarkers; Cortical Networks

There three major goals of our research: First, to elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying motor control and cognitive processing; second, to develop functional brain biomarkers for various brain diseases; and third, to understand the workings of developing cortical networks.  For the first aim, we pursue experimental psychological studies, neurophysiological recordings, functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at high fields (3, 4 and 7 Tesla), magnetoencephalography (MEG), and neural network modeling (using a supercomputer).  For the second aim, we use MEG.  And for the third aim, we record electrical activity from embryonic cortical cell cultures using multielectrode arrays.

Selected Publications
    Georgopoulos, A.P., Tan, H-R.M., Lewis, S.M., Leuthold, A.C., Winskowski, A.M., Lynch, J.K. and Engdahl, B. (2010) The synchronous neural interactions test as a functional neuromarker for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD):  A robust classification method based on the bootstrap. J. Neural Engineer. 7: 016011 (epub ahead of print).
    Hedgcock, W.M., Crowe, D.A., Leuthold, A.C. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2009) A magnetoencephalography (MEG) study of choice bias.  Exp. Brain Res. (epub ahead of print).
    Dumas, R. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2009) What pre-whitened music can tell us about multi-instrument compositions.  J. Math. Music 3: 165-173.
    May Tan, H-R.M., Leuthold, A.C., Lee, D.N., Lynch, J.K. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2009) Neural mechanisms of movement speed and tau as revealed by magnetoencephalography (MEG). Exp. Brain Res. 195: 541-552.
    Tzagarakis, C., Jerde, T.A., Lewis, S.M., Uğurbil, K. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2009) Cerebral cortical mechanisms of copying geometrical shapes: a multidimensional scaling analysis of fMRI patterns of activation.  Exp. Brain Res.  194: 369-380.
    Merchant, H., Naselaris, T. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2008) Dynamic sculpting of directional tuning in the primate motor cortex during three-dimensional reaching.  J. Neurosci. 28: 9164-9172.
    Karageorgiou, E., Koutlas, I.G., Alonso, A.A., Leuthold, A.C., Lewis, S.M. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2008) Cortical processing of tactile stimuli applied in quick succession across the fingertips:  Temporal evolution of dipole sources revealed by magnetoencephalography.  Exp. Brain Res. 189: 311-321.
    Christova, P.S., Lewis, S.M., Tagaris, G., Uğurbil, K. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2008) A voxel-by-voxel parametric fMRI study of motor mental rotation:  Hemispheric specialization and gender differences in neural processing efficiency. Exp. Brain Res. 189: 79-90.
    Jerde, T.A., Lewis, S.M., Goerke, U., Gourtzelidis, P., Tzagarakis, C., Lynch, J., Moeller, S., Van de Moortele, P.F., Adriany, G., Trangle, J., Uğurbil, K. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2008) Ultra-high field parallel imaging of the superior parietal lobule during mental maze solving. Exp. Brain Res. 187: 551-561.
    Georgopoulos, A.P., Karageorgiou, E. Leuthold, A.C., et al. (2007) Synchronous neural interactions assessed by magnetoencephalography:  A functional biomarker for brain disorders.  J. Neural Engineering 4: 349-355.
    Georgopoulos, A.P., Merchant, H., Naselaris, N. and Amirikian B. (2007) Mapping of the preferred direction in the motor cortex.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 104: 11068-11072.
    Georgopoulos, A.P. and Stefanis, C.N. (2007) Local shaping of function in the motor cortex: Motor contrast, directional tuning.  Brain Res. Rev. 55: 383-389.
    Georgopoulos, A.P. and Karageorgiou, E. (2008) Neurostatistics: Applications, challenges and expectations.  Statistics in Medicine 27: 407-417.
    Wilson, T.W., Leuthold, A.C., Moran J.E., Pardo, P.J., Lewis, S.M. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2007) Reading in a deep orthography: Neuromagnetic evidence for dual-mechanisms.  Exp. Brain Res. 180: 247-262.
    Naselaris, N,, Merchant, H., Amirikian B. and Georgopoulos, A.P. (2006) Large-scale organization of preferred directions in the motor cortex.  I. Motor cortical hyperacuity for forward reaching.  J. Neurophysiol. 96: 3231-3236.
    Naselaris, N,, Merchant, H., Amirikian B. and Georgopoulos, A.P.  (2006) Large-scale organization of preferred directions in the motor cortex.  II. Analysis of local distributions.  J. Neurophysiol. 96: 3237-3247.
    Pardo, P.J., Georgopoulos, A.P.,  Kenny, J.T., Stuve, T.A., Findling, R.L., Schulz, S.C. (2006) Classification of adolescent psychotic disorders using linear discriminant analysis.  Schizophrenia Res. 87: 297-306.
    Langheim, F.J.P., Leuthold, A.C. and Georgopoulos, A.P.  (2006) Synchronous dynamic brain networks revealed by magnetoencephalography (MEG) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 103: 455-459.
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